We offer inspiring leaders who make the difference in your organization

We temporarily fulfill management positions within an organization. It may happen that the company temporarily need someone to fulfill various management tasks. For example, to cover maternity leave, to bridge a period to fill a management vacancy. You want to implement changes faster or you want to focus more on excellent customer service with your organization.

Choose us!

Our approach is always professional, fast and competent. Teams are actively managed, we lead the change in teams in an inspiring way. We are always focused on Excellent Customer Service with the end result: Excellent Customer Experience!

At the end when the job is done, we leave a transfer document to ensure a good work transfer with guidance.

We are located on Aruba.

Activate the talents of your employees

We ensure the motivation and professionalism of the employees,

Our interim managers inspire, coach and train your team, focused on results. We ensure rotation in the various tasks within the department, so that the employees can develop more quickly. In addition, there is always an eye for the development of employees in the longer term. We use our own coaching plans in which concrete agreements are laid down. In this way Lopes Slot Training & Coaching knows how to optimally use the talents of your employees.