In our coaching you will receive information about the DISC behavioral styles and your own behavioral profile. You get to know your strong character traits and know which points of interest you can work on.

Individual coaching employees

Do you want to communicate more effectively?

In a Lopes Slot coaching program you will learn to take control of your communication. You gain more information about your DISC-behavioral style. Based on your DISC-test you will work in your coaching plan to achieve your goals.

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Team coaching employees

Do you want to make your team better together?

This team coaching is aimed at further dev eloping the personal effectiveness and professional result orientation of the employees. For the organization this will lead to better cooperation of the team. In addition, it also leads to improved results with higher sales figures and quality improvement. The end result: motivated employees and increased customer satisfaction. The coaching process strongly depends on your question. We are happy to think along with you for a tailor-made solution.

Certified coaches

We are officially certified DISC-coaches.

We provide inspiring training and coaching with time for personal interaction. We present captivatingly and make use of recognizable situations that are directly applicable in practice.


We use DISC in our training courses because it is a powerful and easy-to-understand method. It gives direct insight into your own behavior and the behavior of others.

DISC promotes open communication, it helps to resolve and reduce conflicts. It strengthens relationships and collaboration in teams.

DISC was developed over 90 years ago by psychologist and professor Dr. William Marston at Harvard Medical School and is based on his work ‘The emotions of normal people’. Since then, DISC has been further developed and has grown into an instrument with high quality.

DISC has been used by more than 60 milion people worldwide, including many leading companies, as well as government, freelancers, trainers, coaches, counselors, educational institutions, sales professionals and more…

What are your benefits?

Mapping preferred behavior, talents and communication

Gaining self-knowledge

Deepening of insight into strengths and weaknesses

Improving communication

This is DISC

After completing the DISC test, you and your coach look at your behavior profile. This profile contents 4 basic styles, each with its own color. You can score higher or lower on a basic style, everyone is a mix of these colors. There is no right or wrong outcome.

It’s about knowing which strengths you have and where to pay attention when communicating. Below you find a brief overview of the basic styles. Do you recognize yourself in one of more styles?

DISC styles

Do you know someone who is assertive, direct and wants the bottomline?

This is the D-style.

These people are decisive, direct and strong-willed.

The Dscale measures:

how to deal with problems 

how to respond to problems and challenges

People with a high D-score: 

Often have a fast pace.

Are task oriented.

Do you have colleagues who communicate easily and are friendly to everyone?

This is the I-style.

These people are optimistic, friendly and chatty.

The I-scale measures:

How to deal with interaction.

How you respond to interaction.

People with a high I-score:

Have a fast pace.

Are people oriented.

Do you have colleagues who are good listeners and are great team players?

This is the S-style.

These people are stable, patient, loyal and practical.

The S-scale measures:

How to deal with relationships and changes.

How you react to changes.

People with a high S-score:

Have leisurely pace.

Are People oriented.

Do you know people who enjoy gathering facts and details and who are thorough in all activities?

This is the C-style.

These people are precise, sensitive and analytical.

The C-scale measures:

How to deal with rules, details.

How you react to rules and agreements.

People with a high C-score:

Have a leisurely pace.

Are task oriented.